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Economy and Banking Sector of Andorra

National Currency

Euro (EUR)


Nominal GDP (2013)
2.4 bln EUR  (0.00%)

According to Department of Statistics (Andorra), nominal GDP of Andorra in 2013 was 2.4 bln EUR.

Inflation Rate

CPI, Year Average (2013)
0.0 %  (2012: 1.1 %)

According to Department of Statistics (Andorra), inflation rate in Andorra in 2013 expressed as annual percentages of average consumer prices was 0.0% which was below the Euro Area average (1.4%) and below the European Union average (1.5%).

Inflation Rate in Andorra.

Chart 1. Inflation Rate in Andorra. Source: Department of Statistics (Andorra).

Credit Ratings (as of May 2018)

BBB (good credit quality), outlook positive

Andorra has a sovereign credit rating assigned by Fitch: the rating is BBB (good credit quality), outlook positive.