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Economy and Banking Sector of Andorra

National Currency

Euro (EUR)


Nominal GDP (2013)
2.4 bln EUR  (0.00%)

According to Department of Statistics (Andorra), nominal GDP of Andorra in 2013 was 2.4 bln EUR.

Inflation Rate

CPI, Year Average (2013)
0.0 %  (2012: 1.1 %)

According to Department of Statistics (Andorra), inflation rate in Andorra in 2013 expressed as annual percentages of average consumer prices was 0.0% which was below the Euro Area average (1.4%) and below the European Union average (1.5%).

Inflation Rate in Andorra.

Chart 1. Inflation Rate in Andorra. Source: Department of Statistics (Andorra).

Credit Ratings (as of Aug 2020)

BBB+ (good credit quality), outlook stable

Andorra has a sovereign credit rating assigned by Fitch: the rating is BBB+ (good credit quality), outlook stable. Scope Ratings, the European rating agency, have not assigned credit ratings to Andorra.

Fitch and Moody's rating data are provided for June 2020, Scope Ratings for August 2020.