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Economy and Banking Sector of Anguilla

Financial Services

Financial sector of Anguilla is focused on providing the following financial services:

  • offshore banking
  • offshore captive insurance
  • fund management
  • company administration

Banking Focus

Banks in Anguilla are mainly focused on the following areas:

  • universal banking
  • offshore banking
  • corporate and investment banking

Banking Supervision

Anguilla Financial Services Commission

Banking Sector Structure

Number of Banks

Currently there are 5 credit institutions operating in Anguilla.

All the credit institutions operating in Anguilla can be classified into several categories. Table 1 summarises the number of banks in each category.

CategoryNumber of Banks
Domestic banks2
Offshore banks3

Table 1. Number of banks by category in Anguilla.

Deposit Guarantee Scheme

Maximum Protected Amount

Deposit guarantee scheme is a financial stability mechanism implemented in many countries to protect bank depositors against the loss of their deposits in the case when a bank is unable to meet its obligations to depositors by compensating certain deposits held by depositors of the bank. This compensation is paid out from the contributions which banks have made into a deposit guarantee fund.

From a depositor's point of view it is important to know:

  • if the depositor is eligible within the terms of the deposit guarantee scheme;
  • if the depositor's bank is a participant in the deposit guarantee scheme;
  • if the depositor's type of deposit is covered by the deposit guarantee scheme.

There is no deposit guarantee scheme in Anguilla.