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Time Deposit Accounts

10 offers from 6 banks

Interest Rates: 0.10 - 1.40 % p.a.
Deposit Terms: 3 - 60 months

10 time deposit accounts offers from 6 banks operating in Portugal are currently available. The time deposit accounts terms vary from 3 month to 5 years (60 months). The interest rates are within the range 0.10 - 1.40 %.

Highest Interest Rate: Festgeld (Banco BAI Europa, SA)

Banco BAI Europa was establsihed in Portugal in 1998 and operates as a subsidiary of Banco Angolano de Investimentos, SA (Angola). Banco BAI Europa provides a broad range of retail, corporate and investment banking products and services to private individuals and companies.

Interest Rate: 1.40 % p.a.
Deposit Term: 60 months

Sales Region
Account Currency
Interest Rate (p.a.)
0.55 - 1.40 %
Deposit Term
12 - 60 months
Time Deposit Account Details
Product Name
Account Currency
Min. Interest Rate (p.a.)
0.55 %
Max. Interest Rate (p.a.)
1.40 %
Min. Deposit Term
12 months
Max. Deposit Term
60 months

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Mortgage Loans

15 offers from 15 banks

Interest Rates: 1.87 - 8.37 %
Loan Terms: 1 - 50 years

15 mortgage loans offers from 15 banks operating in Portugal are currently available. The mortgage loans terms vary from 1 to 50 years. The borrowing rates are within the range 1.87 - 8.37 %.

Lowest Borrowing Rate: BANCO CTT, SA

Banco CTT was registered on August 24, 2015 as a 100%-owned subsidiary of CTT (Correios de Portugal). Banco CTT will be focused on mass-market products prodiving simple and competitive products. The operations will be supported in local offices of CTT, leveraging its nationwide coverage and extensive experience in providing financial services and via online and mobile channels.

Borrowing Rate: 1.87 %
Max. Loan Term: 40 years

Sales Region
Loan Term
10 - 40 years
Min. Variable Rate (p.a.)
12-month EURIBOR + 1.30 %
Max. LTV
85.00 %
Mortgage Loan Details
Min. Mortgage Amount
25,000 EUR
Min. Variable Rate (p.a.)
12-month EURIBOR + 1.30 %
Fixed Rate Available
Mixed Rate Available
Variable Rate Available
Min. Mortgage Term
10 years
Max. Mortgage Term
40 years
Max. Borrower's Age
75 years
Max. LTV
85.00 %

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