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international money transfers
  • international payments
  • international payrolls
  • natural persons
  • business entities

Azimo Ltd is an electronic money institution focused on international money transfers. Azimo Ltd offers international payments, international payrolls to natural persons, business entities.

Money Transfers

Azimo offers money transfers between more than 195 countries in more than 150 currencies. Money can be sent from bank accounts, debit cards, credit cards and received to bank accounts, mobile phone accounts, cash pick-up points. Transfers made with Azimo are usually completed within 0-4 days.

0-4 days
195+ countries
150+ currencies
Sending From
  • bank accounts
  • debit cards
  • credit cards
Receiving To
  • bank accounts
  • mobile phone accounts
  • cash pick-up points

Transfer Speed

On average, a transfer with Azimo takes one working day.
The delivery time of a transfer may vary depending on:

  • the country the money is being sent to,
  • the chosen delivery method
  • and the way a sender pays for the transfer.

Payments done by card are a much faster option, as they only take a few minutes to reach Azimo's account.
In order to transfer money quickly, Azimo holds funds in most currencies around the world which means that it can send money instantly to 60+ countries.

Sending Countries

Azimo allows to send money from 25 countries, namely:

 United Kingdom

Receiving Countries

Azimo allows to send money to more than 195 countries.

Sending Methods

Azimo offers the following sending methods:
Bank Account
A sender needs to transfer the full amount from his/her own bank account into Azimo's bank account. This can be done through online banking, calling the bank, or visiting the bank's branch in person.
Personal Debit and Credit Cards

  • A sender should be using his/her personal card, so that the name on the card should match the name on his/her Azimo account
  • The maximum sending amounts for card payments is around 13,500 EUR
  • Azimo do not accept the following card types:
    • Prepaid cards
    • Virtual cards
    • American Express
    • Miles & More

Receiving Methods

Azimo offers the following receiving methods:
Bank Account
Direct to bank is a transfer when the money is delivered straight to the recipient’s bank account in local currency.
Mobile Top-up
Mobile top-up is a transfer where a sender can add credit to the recipient’s local mobile number. Mobile top-ups are usually processed within minutes.
Mobile Wallet
A mobile wallet is an electronic wallet that allows to store, send and receive money on a cleint's mobile phone.
Cash Pick-up
Cash pick-up is a transfer when the transfer's recipient can collect as physical cash from over 200,000 secure pick-up locations around the world.
Home Delivery
Home delivery is a transfer where the money is securely delivered straight to the recipient’s door within 24 hours.

Transfer Completion

Once a transfer is completed, the sender will receive an email confirming that it has reached the recipient’s bank, or has been collected, in the case of cash pick-up. The status of the transfer will also change in the sender's transfer history.

Advantages of Azimo Transfers

Fast transfers to 195+ countries
Available for individuals and business entities
Variety of receiving options
Variety of sending options
First two transfers are fee-free

Disadvantages of Azimo Transfers

Sending money available from Europe only
May not be the cheapest option

How Azimo Transfers Work

Login or register
Login or register at Azimo website.
Enter recipient details and amount
Set up the transfer by entering all details yourself or requesting them via Azimo's app.
Pay securely
Visa, Master Card, Maestro and bank transfers accepted.
Transfer processed
Money from our local partner's account is sent to your recipient's bank or cash pick-up point.
Money delivered
Money can be delivered in minutes to a few days, depending how fast your recipient's bank can process it.
Transfer completed
You receive e-mail confirmation.

Alternatives to Azimo Transfers

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Operations with Cryptocurrencies


Azimo do not conduct operations with cryptocurrencies.

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Company Details

Country of Registration
United Kingdom
Company Number
Authorized By
Financial Conduct Authority
Reference Number
Authorized Activities
  • money remittance

Azimo Ltd is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (reference number 900220) for money remittance.

EEA Passport
Deposit Guarantee

Due to EEA passport rules Azimo Ltd, can conduct its activities in any of the 31 EEA member states. Azimo Ltd do not participate in deposit guarantee schemes.


Upper Street 173, N1 1RG, London, United Kingdom
+44 153 587 2061
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