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developing global payment solutions

Skrill Ltd is an electronic money institution focused on developing global payment solutions. Skrill Ltd offers cryptocurrency trading, international money transfers, online payments, digital wallets, prepaid cards. In 2019 Skrill Ltd had total assets of 1,039.85 mln EUR, Skrill Ltd generated net income of 53.94 mln EUR. Incorporated in the United Kingdom, Skrill Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

  • digital wallets
  • prepaid cards
  • cryptocurrency trading
  • international money transfers
  • online payments
Card Providers
  • MasterCard

Scrill Digital Wallet

Crypto and fiat currency e-wallet

Scrill Digital Wallet
multi-currency + crypto
Payment Cards
Customer Type
personal, business
Account Access
web application
mobile application
Load From
bank transfer, debit card, credit card, Bitcoin
Send To
bank transfer, debit card

Skrill Prepaid Cards

Skrill Prepaid Card
Card Type
physical, virtual
single currency
currency chosen when ordering the card
Card Provider
Card Type

Skrill cards are debit cards, rather than prepaid cards.

Debit vs Prepaid Cards. Debit cards do not have a separate balance and are connected to an account or e-wallet. Such cards are are loaded automatically when the account/e-wallet is being topped up. Prepaid cards have a separate balance from an account or e-wallet. These cards have to be loaded manually, usually from the account/e-wallet.

Skrill cards are issued as both physical (plastic) and virtual cards; plastic cards are delivered to the customer's address.


Skrill Prepaid Card is a single currency card, it can be issued in currency chosen when ordering the card only.

Card Loading

Skrill Card is topped up by uploading funds into the corresponding Skrill Digital Wallet, as the two are directly connected.

Card Issuer

Paysafe Financial Services Limited

Card Fees and Limits
Skrill Card
Annual Fee10.00 EUR
Currency Exchange Fee3.99 %
ATM Withdrawal Fee1.75 %
POS Payments Feefree
Online Payments Feefree

*) EEA stands for the European Economic Area and consists of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

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Money Transfers

Skrill offers money transfers between more than 180 countries in more than 40 currencies. Money can be sent from Skrill accounts and received to Skrill accounts, bank accounts, mobile wallets, e-mail addresses. Transfers made with Skrill are usually completed within 0-4 days.

skrill Money Transfers
0-4 days
Amount Range
180+ countries
40+ currencies
Sending From
  • Skrill accounts
Receiving To
  • Skrill accounts
  • bank accounts
  • mobile wallets
  • e-mail addresses

Available Currencies

AEAED (UAE dirham)
AUAUD (Australian dollar)
BGBGN (Bulgarian lev)
BHBHD (Bahraini Dinar)
CACAD (Canadian dollar)
CHCHF (Swiss franc)
CZCZK (Czech koruna)
DKDKK (Danish krone)
EUEUR (Euro)
GBGBP (Pound sterling)
HKHKD (Hong Kong dollar)
HRHRK (Croatian kuna)
HUHUF (Hungarian forint)
ILILS (Israeli shekels)
ININR (Indian rupee)
ISISK (Icelandic króna)
JPJPY (Japanese yen)
KRKRW (South Korean won)
KWKWD (Kuwatiti Dinar)
MAMAD (Moroccan Dirham)
MYMYR (Malaysian ringgit)
NONOK (Norwegian krone)
NZNZD (New Zealand dollar)
OMOMR (Omani Rial)
PLPLN (Polish złoty)
QAQAR (Qatari Riyal)
RORON (Romanian new leu)
RSRSD (Serbian dinar)
SASAR (Saudi riyal)
SESEK (Swedish krona/kronor)
SGSGD (Singapore dollar)
THTHB (Thai baht)
TNTND (Tunisian dinar)
TRTRY (Turkish lira)
TWTWD (Taiwanese Dollar)
USUSD (US dollar)
ZAZAR (South African rand)

Sending Methods

Skrill Accounts

Receiving Methods

Skrill Accounts

Bank Accounts

Mobile Wallets

e-Mail Addresses

Advantages of Skrill Transfers

Crypto transfers between Skrill accounts

Disadvantages of Skrill Transfers

Sending money can be performed to personal bank accounts or mobile wallets.

Alternatives to Skrill Transfers

Compare Skrill Money Transfers

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Operations with Cryptocurrencies

Skrill offers the following operations with cryptocurrencies:

  • cryptocurrency trading

Supported Cryptocurrencies

  • BTC Bitcoin
  • BCH Bitcoin Cash
  • ETH Ethereum
  • ETC Ethereum Classic
  • LTC Litecoin
  • XRP Ripple
  • ZRX 0x

Skrill conducts operations with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Ripple, 0x.

Crypto-Related Activities

  • Accounts for crypto businesses
  • Transfers to crypto platforms
  • Transfers from crypto platforms

Skrill allows crypto-related businesses to open accounts as well as supports in general transfers to and from crypto platforms.

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Financial Highlights

Total Assets (2019)
1,039.85 mln EUR  (+4.11%)
Gross Profit (2019)
242.96 mln EUR  (+28.06%)
Net Income (2019)
53.94 mln EUR  (+98.86%)

Mobile Applications

Mobile Application: Skrill - Transfer Money

 4.5, 2,993 Ratings

Skrill - Transfer Money
Skrill - Transfer Money
Skrill - Transfer Money
Skrill - Transfer Money
Skrill - Transfer Money Supported Languages

Mobile Application: NETELLER - Money transfer

 2.8, 86 Ratings

NETELLER - Money transfer
NETELLER - Money transfer
NETELLER - Money transfer
NETELLER - Money transfer
NETELLER - Money transfer Supported Languages

Company Details

Country of Registration
GBUnited Kingdom
Company Number
Authorized By
Financial Conduct Authority
Reference Number
Authorization Granted
13 January 2018
Authorized Activities
  • placing cash to a payment account
  • withdrawing cash from a payment account
  • execution of payment transactions on a payment account (not covered by a credit line)
  • execution of payment transactions on a payment account (using a credit line)
  • issuing payment instruments or acquiring payment transactions
  • money remittance
  • execution of payment transactions via telecoms, IT system or network operator

Skrill Ltd is authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority (reference number 900001) for placing cash to a payment account, withdrawing cash from a payment account, execution of payment transactions on a payment account (not covered by a credit line), execution of payment transactions on a payment account (using a credit line), issuing payment instruments or acquiring payment transactions, money remittance, execution of payment transactions via telecoms, IT system or network operator. The authorization was granted on 13 January 2018.

EEA Passport
Deposit Guarantee

Due to EEA passport rules Skrill Ltd, can conduct its activities in any of the 31 EEA member states. Skrill Ltd do not participate in deposit guarantee schemes.


Skrill Ltd is a SWIFT member.


Skrill Ltd is connected to MasterCard payment card scheme.

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Floor 27 25 Canada Square, E145LQ, London, United Kingdom
+44(0)20 7608 8460
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